Burr House Awarded 2019 Bert Hunt Heritage Award

The Richmond Hill Historical Society is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2019 Bert Hunt Heritage Award is Burr House.

Burr House is being recognized for the remarkable achievement of 45 years of enrichment to the community, helping to shape the Cultural Heritage of the City of Richmond Hill. From the early preservation and subsequent restoration of Burr House, established in the Town of Richmond Hill in 1974 ~ through to 2019, Burr House along with The Richmond Hill Spinners & Weavers and Hill Potters Guilds, has made an ongoing contribution to the conservation and preservation of Richmond Hill’s heritage and an effort to raise awareness about the value of that heritage to the community and its citizens, making Richmond Hill a better place.

The Guild Hall at Burr House (photograph P. Wilson)

The Society offers this award as a Public Declaration to the citizens of the City of Richmond Hill, of Burr House’s continual and ongoing cultural service to the community.

This award acknowledges outstanding contributions to the preservation of Richmond Hill’s past and efforts to raise awareness about the value of that past to the community and its citizens. It also acknowledges the contributions made by the late Bert Hunt to heritage conservation efforts in Richmond Hill over many years. For complete details about the award and the outstanding contributions of Bert, please visit our awards page.

Burr House Spinners and Weavers (Photograph P. Wilson)

The award was presented to Burr House at the Society’s Strawberry Social held on the evening of June 17th, 2019. Learn more about Burr House and all of their events and activities by visiting their website.