About Us

The Richmond Hill Historical Society (RHHS) was founded in 1973 and is an affiliate member of the Ontario Historical Society. In 2019 we celebrated our 45th Anniversary.

The objectives of the RHHS are:

  • to preserve in our present community an awareness of the culture of our forefathers;
  • to hold monthly meetings for the presentation and discussion of historical information relating to the Richmond Hill area; and
  • to promote existing historical publications, publish books, articles, and newsletters etc. for the advancement of the awareness of local sites, deeds and peoples of interest and to cooperate with other historical societies and related organizations.


Fundraising amalgamates the members talents and when an idea requires a special event, the membership supports the initiative. We have successfully raised funds in the past for an RHHS bursary program, reached out to other worthy causes with donations and raised awareness of our Society though special events. In the past five years, a special Fashion Tea, Barn Raising Supper & Fete, and a wonderful Wedding Belles Tea raised sufficient funds to fulfill our fundraising goals.

More recently we have been actively involved in events such as Doors Open, the Richmond Hill Cultural Summit and Culture Days. We have also participated in the annual Maple Syrup Festival and welcome other opportunities to participate and engage in community events.

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