Curtain Club Fundraiser for the Society

Poster image for the historic drama Innocence Lost: A Play about Steven Truscott by Beverley Cooper, March 24 to April 9, 2023

Thanks to the generosity of Richmond Hill’s Curtain Club Theatre, the Society is participating in a fundraising night with the play Innocence Lost, an historic drama about Steven Truscott, on the evening of Thursday, March 23rd; doors open at 7:15 pm, show begins at 8:00 pm [showtime, including intermission is 2.5 hours].

Tickets are only $20, with all proceeds going to the Richmond Hill Historical Society. To reserve your ticket, please contact Andrea Kulesh by phone at 905.884.2789 or by email at andrea-kulesh @

About the Play

In 1959, 12 year old Lynne Harper was found dead in a farm woodlot near Clinton, Ontario.  A few months later her classmate, 14 year old Steven Truscott, was convicted of the murder in a case that was later considered one of Canada’s most notorious wrongful convictions.

Directed by Sergio Calderon

Produced by Sharon Dykstra and Joan Burrows

Starring: Coral Benzie, Tamika Poetzsch, Peter Shipston, Kirsty Campbell, David Henderson, Ruby Jang, Brian Fukuzawa, Eshan Mathur, Sydney Bartlett, Devika Mathur

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