President’s Message (February 2022)

Well, here it is February, of 2022, no less, and after a really fun Christmas meeting, the Holidays, and our January AGM, it’s time to get back into our regular series of meetings. As usual, the main purpose of this message is to remind you that our next meeting is coming up on February 21st, 2022 at 7:30 PM via Zoom. Anyone wishing to attend this virtual meeting is invited to contact us at r.hillhistsoc at

Our speaker for this meeting is Pamela Vega, Richmond Hill’s Heritage Planner – a speaker that we have been hoping to arrange for some time, and I am pleased that Kevin has made it happen. Pamela is going to talk to us about “A Day in the Life of a Heritage Planner,” and I know that she is anxious to not only bring that story to us, but to also get to know us, so I would like to encourage you to ask questions and have a conversation with her. I’ll send out another reminder about the meeting just before the 21st.

Further to my reference to the January AGM, I thought it went very well. A few more members would have been better, but the AGM is always a bit of a hard sell for attendance, and the members that did join us certainly participated. Cheryl Butler did her normal great job of leading us through the election process, which resulted in a new slate of Directors for 2022. The “Bring and Brag,” session, a regular feature of our AGMs, saw a number of interesting treasures displayed, and, as usual, generated a fair amount of discussion.

At our Executive Meeting earlier this week, we confirmed the roles of the various Directors for the coming year:

 President - Jim Vollmershausen
 Vice President - Andrea Kulesh
 Secretary - Vera Tauchtaul
 Treasurer - Laura McMullen
 Publicity - Marj Andre
 Membership - Karen Dance
 Programming - Kevin Dark
 Heritage Centre Advisory Committee - Jim Vollmershausen
 Heritage Richmond Hill - Marj Andre
 Director-at-Large - Cameron Telch

We also acknowledged:

 Auditor - Norm McMullen
 Website/Newsletter Volunteer - Peter Wilson
 Facebook Volunteer - Vera Tauchtaul

I’m sure that you noted that we do not have a Social Director on the list – Joan Lund, who has served as Social Director for quite some time since she stepped into the role on a temporary basis ten or eleven years ago simply found herself too busy, and something had to give. Joan did a great job for us, looking after our refreshments at our regular meetings, and making all of the arrangements for our annual Strawberry Socials and Christmas parties – THANK YOU JOAN!!

So……if someone out there would like to volunteer for the Social Director role, or if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Joan picked a good time to step back, as meeting refreshments, socials and parties just can’t happen right now, but hopefully, we’ll be back to them soon, and we’ll need the help. So, please give it some thought.

One item at our AGM that I was particularly pleased about, was Karen Dance’s report on Membership. We have obviously been receiving significant numbers of membership renewals, mostly through e-transfers, but also through cheques, and I want to thank you all for your attention to this important piece of our annual efforts. I know that Karen is reviewing the current state of our membership, and she may be getting in touch with some of you as we try to confirm the current roster of members.

The last thing I wanted to mention was that we just submitted our most recent article to the Liberal – “A Rail Link with Toronto”. I noticed it is already in the Liberal’s on-line edition, so keep your eye out for it. At our recent Executive Meeting, we discussed the notion of authoring three or four of these articles as part of our 150th Anniversary efforts in 2023 – perhaps looking at our first Council and Reeve, what life was like 150 years ago, the industries of the day, and perhaps the state of Churches at the time. Stay tuned.

That’s more than enough. See you on the 21st.

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