York-Sutton Railway History

Discovery what it was like to ride the rails in the 1850s and 1900s.

On January 4, 2020, the Canadian Railway Preservation and Restoration Society (CRPRA) will be holding an event at the Richmond Hill Public Library Central Branch on a history of the York-Sutton railway. You have a choice of two 1 hour sessions on January 4th, either from 10:15 am – 11:15 am OR 11:45 am – 12:45 pm. The cost is $5.00.

Games, trivia, hands-on with rails…fun for the entire family.

Register online by visiting the CRPRA website at https://www.crpra.org/community.php.

The Canadian Railway Preservation and Restoration Association, is a federally incorporated non-profit organization that strives to protect, preserve, and restore railroad tracks. We also promote rail safety and educate future engineers.

4 thoughts on “York-Sutton Railway History”

  1. I have been trying for twenty minutes to book a reservation for the Jan. 4th event but the option to place an order will not highlight. Then it times out and I have to start again. The information requested is intrusive. I shouldn’t have to give my life history to purchase a ticket. The only thing I can see causing a problem is that I haven’t checked the box that would allow them to send me promotional material. I don’t intend to be blackmailed into being bombarded by advertising just in order to buy a ticket. I suggest you change to another booking agent.


  2. I just tried to reserve 3 tickets for Jan. 4 2020 and after timing out three times and making it difficult to place the order it emailed me reservations for Jan. 4th instead of Jan. 12th. Can you please arrange to have the tickets changed for Jan.4, 2020.


    1. Hi Gary, as indicated in my previous message, this is not a Richmond Hill Historical Society event so you will need to contact the Canadian Railway Preservation and Restoration Society directly concerning their event. Cheers…Peter


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